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Updating the Trench...
The essence of the Trench coat is the big, glamorous collar and lapel that elegantly frames the face.
In bad weather the lapel closes for warmth and comfort.
And, of course the classic Trench coat has a belt.
My version belts across the front, leaving the back hanging free.
Belting all the way around is also an option.
We make four glamorous and intriguing versions of this classic in water and windproof fabric.
The Butch Boy coat is short and sexy while the Caravan combines practicality with a flattering simplicity.
The  mid-length Novack is cut a little fuller across the back and the full length Trench has the straight classic lines of the original.
We've given it a new look with a side panel that gently reflects the feminine waist. My version has six buttons, often in mismatched vintage glass that can also be machine-washed.
We make it in two styles using water and windproof fabric.
The Neo Pea is short and shapely. It looks equally great with either your favorite dress or your scruffiest denims. Wear it buttoned for elegance or open for more casual days.
The mid-length Coach is long, elegant and classic.
In all-weather fabrics, and in the ever-popular fleece and micro-fiber, the A-shaped coat goes over everything. 
Add a tall, Old Hollywood collar and you've added drama and real shelter from the elements.
The Mariner Swing is a chic, slightly oversized coat made in plush fleece.
Wear it during the  day or the evening. 
The Rain Mariner is made in wind and rain proof material and comes with a hood. 
The Reversible Mega Swing is a slightly closer fit in the shoulders and under the arms.
Made in two tone windblock fleece the coat can be worn in two entirely different ways.
On the one side the coat features  open stitching against a color and on the other the coat is trans formed into  a dressy black coat with hidden seams.shapeimage_17_link_0shapeimage_17_link_1shapeimage_17_link_2
Bringing back the Swing...

Our Hepburn Wrap is dedicated to Ms. Hepburn, the  epitome of casual elegance.
We belt it only in the front to keep it free and full in the back. 
Wrap up in fleece to walk the dog, shop, drive and feel warm and elegant while doing so.shapeimage_19_link_0
In tribute to Katherine...

This coat will take you to the stadium or anyplace you like to play.
If you love the timeless Dolman sleeve, you’ll love this coat.
The glamorous hood folds around your neck in a soft cowl when not in use.
It’s an elegant way to be casual. and then there’s the Stadium...
Paying homage to the Pea...
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